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Thompson & Knight attorney Richard Roper quoted in Fort Worth Star-Telegram article
Suicide or murder? Group works to free former Fort Worth cop convicted of killing his wife
October 9, 2012 11:59 pm

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Last of a three parts

The letter was one of several written by Warren Horinek from his new home behind bars.

It had been almost 17 months since a Tarrant County jury had convicted him of murdering his wife, Bonnie, and sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

And it had been almost 15 months since a judge had rejected the first shot at a new trial for the former Fort Worth police officer.

In the letter, dated Jan. 27, 1999, Warren requested the help of Fort Worth crime scene officer Jim Varnon in a matter "which I hope and pray never arises."

He asked Varnon to write a letter summarizing the crime scene officer's beliefs about the case in the event that Warren is never awarded a new trial.


Some who believe that Warren is guilty say Reaves and others are placing too much weight on the blood-spatter evidence

They want to reduce the case just to that. You've got to look at the whole suspicious circumstances," said attorney Richard Roper, who was appointed to represent the state in last year's hearing. "... You piece it together and see if it fits like a jigsaw puzzle, and the jury did."

Thompson & Knight attorney Richard Roper in Fort Worth Star-Telegram article


2012 Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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