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Thompson & Knight Attorney Richard Roper quoted in Associated Press article
Hacking group activist's posts land him in trouble
October 5, 2012 11:54 pm

Associated Press:

DALLAS (AP) - Barrett Brown has, at times, called himself an author, a freedom fighter and a spokesman for the movement of hacker-activists known as Anonymous.

In tweets and videos, Brown praises Anonymous' work, rips his opponents and repeatedly lashes out at his biggest nemesis: the FBI.

Now, his online postings have landed him in federal prison.

The 31-year-old Brown is charged with making Internet threats and retaliating against law enforcement in a three-count federal indictment that quotes dozens of his tweets and YouTube videos. One of those videos, posted just before his arrest last month, includes a promise to ruin an FBI agent's life and "look into his (expletive) kids."


But Richard Roper, a former U.S. attorney for Dallas now at the law firm Thompson & Knight, called Brown's attempt to get personal information about an FBI agent's family "a huge red flag."

Thompson & Knight attorney Richard Roper in Associated Press article

"As far as legal proof, the question would be, is it a mere conditional threat where it's really just some vitriolic hyperbole or is it something that really indicates this individual is going to take action," Roper said. "When you cross the line, it's certainly going to be a criminal charge."


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