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Thompson & Knight Trial Attorney William "Bill" Banowsky quoted in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel article
Law Firm, HPISD Collaborate to Educate Staff on Potential Legal Pitfalls
September 28, 2012 11:58 pm

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Many public school districts in Texas are facing a growing number of legal issues, often complicated by fewer financial resources to actively address and prevent litigation and other challenges. The Highland Park Independent School District is working with the law firm of Thompson & Knight LLP to educate the Districtís leadership on how to identify legal problems before they occur or escalate......


Attorneys at Thompson & Knight meet monthly with district administrators to discuss a variety of legal topics, which have already included the parent-student complaint process, teacher contracting issues, and bullying and harassment, including cyberbullying and sexting......


"If we can train educators to be attuned to the issues that lead to the involvement of lawyers, we can help the district avoid issues that lead to the need for our services," says Bill Banowsky, a partner at Thompson & Knight. Thompson & Knight has represented the District for more than 60 years, with Banowsky counseling the district for the past 15 years. When not counseling the district, Banowsky is an experienced trial attorney representing companies and individuals in business disputes, including securities law matters, oil and gas disputes, and complex commercial contracts.

Thompson & Knight Trial Attorney William "Bill" Banowsky in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel article

"We value our relationship with the district," Banowsky said. "In addition to working with excellent people performing a critical mission, avoiding or reducing litigation costs is also a benefit to the community at large."


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