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Houston Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin quoted in blog article
Pregnant woman wins $117 million verdict for distracted ambulance driver
August 3, 2012 11:48 pm

A pregnant woman injured while the ambulance transporting her rear-ended a truck won a whopping $117 million jury verdict against the ambulance company for not supervising its driver.

Whitley Lacey was a 21 year-old mother-to-be in December 2010 when she began experiencing stomach pains and called an ambulance. During the trip to the hospital, the ambulance driver was driving 60 mph without using the emergency lights or sirens. He crashed into a sugarcane truck.


Attorneys Kurt Arnold  and Jason Itkin presented evidence to the jury that the driver had prior accidents and hadn't met the company's minimum driving standards in the two years before the accident.

Houston Attorneys Kurt Arnold and Jason Itkin in blog article

 "This was a horrific and preventable crash that changed the life of Whitley and her children forever. We trust ambulances to take us to safety, not put us in greater danger," Itkin said.


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