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Dallas Digital Forensics Attorney Matthew Yarbrough quoted in Dallas Morning News article
Constable’s case, Price inquiry and others share many players
June 23, 2012 11:59 pm

Dallas Morning News:

Dallas County Constable Derick Evans and Commissioner John Wiley Price are close political allies and both fighting allegations of wrongdoing while they remain in office.

Evans is scheduled to be retried Monday on state charges related to campaign finance irregularities. Price, the target of a federal corruption investigation, could be indicted later this year.

Evans' name has not appeared in documents related to the Price inquiry. Nor does Price appear to be part of the state case against Evans. But in some ways, the two investigations into the two Democrats appear to be commingled. Growing evidence suggests that some of the same people played a role in both.

FBI agents also appear to be looking at much more than they've officially revealed. A review of court documents by The Dallas Morning News and interviews with potential witnesses indicate that the agents are casting a wide net in hopes of ensnaring Price and some of his political allies and associates.


"It's very possible this is bigger than those transactions," said Matthew Yarbrough, a former U.S. attorney who has his own firm in Dallas.

Dallas Digital Forensics Attorney Matthew Yarbrough in Dallas Morning News article

That could involve other players, as in the City Hall corruption inquiry that resulted in multiple convictions of state and local officials, Yarbrough said.


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