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Rose Walker Attorney Liz Cunnigham quoted in story
Rare Post-Recall Safety Warning Issued on popular Bumbo Baby Seats
December 5, 2011 6:00 am

DALLAS, TX-- Angeline Cohen adores the molded rubber baby seat that she received as a gift after her now 14-month old son, Henry was born.

"We like it a lot because I can put him in it and get eye level and sing and read," the Dallas mom, said


The seat continues to be a big seller by major retail outlets, despite another warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission advising parents that nearly 50 children have suffered serious injuries since the seat was placed back on the market.

"Clearly the warning isn't going to work and is rarely effective," Dallas attorney, Liz Cunningham, said.

Cunningham represents a dozen families who have taken legal action against the South African manufacturer of the Bumbo, after their children were seriously injured. Some of the children suffered skull fractures. Cunningham says the company knows about a design flaw and refuses to add a cheap fix, a simple seat belt.

Rose Walker Attorney Liz Cunnigham in story:

"Despite the fact that they are aware that hundreds of kids have been injured, they refuse to do anything to make it safer."

Cunningham says little has changed since 2007, when the product was recalled by the CPSC. She says the Bumbo continues to market the seat for feeding, which leads parents to believe it is safe to put on tables and countertops, where she says a child could easily flip out and fall.


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