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A mobile-optimized website was once an afterthought, something a business would do if it wanted to go the extra mile for its customers. Today, however, roughly half of all Americans own smartphones or other wireless devices, and for many of those, their handheld is the primary way they access the internet. Itís estimated that by 2015, more people will access the internet from a handheld device than from A traditional computer.

Given that trend, itís clear that mobile websites are no longer optional. They are a critical part of a law firmís marketing plan.

Traditional websites are often difficult to view on a smaller device, making the userís experience cumbersome, slow and frustratingónot to mention, unproductive. A mobile-optimized site isnít just a visually smaller version of the site. The navigation and content is organized differently to optimize the mobile userís experience (such as quick links to contact information and directions).

Translating a traditional website into a mobile site is fairly easy, since the mobile site is derivative of your regular site. You do not need to maintain two sites separately; when the main site is updated, so is the mobile site.