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Clients in the News

Clients in the News

We consistently achieve media placement for our clients in a wide range of publications, online media and broadcast outlets.

Below are samples of the most recent news placements we’ve achieved for our clients.


Broadcast News coverage

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Standly Hamilton’s Chris Hamilton Comments on Pump House Explosion on WFAA
September 1, 2015
Family left shaken by pump house explosion Broadcast September 1 Hamilton said the two gas wells behind the Murrays' house were not properly cased. ... Read Story »
Wall Street Journal Quotes Carrington Coleman Attorney Sara Romine on Recent FTC Appellate Ruling
August 31, 2015
The Morning Risk Report: Court Ruling Lets FTC Flex Cybersecurity Muscles Published August 26 “The ruling makes clear that the FTC is an ... Read Story »
Orsinger Nelson Family Lawyer Brad LaMorgese Quoted in AP Article on Ashley Madison
August 31, 2015
Ashley Madison, Meet the Kids: Infidelity and Divorce Published August 27 “A majority of the time it’s going to be someone in known ... Read Story »
Shackelford Attorney Frances Smith Provides Bankruptcy Advice to Today’s General Counsel
August 28, 2015
Questions for Companies Considering Bankruptcy Published in the August/September 2015 issue The first question that general counsel must ask when ... Read Story »
Rusty Hardin Appears on NBC Nightly News & Today Show Discussing Sandra Bland Traffic Stop
July 30, 2015
Published July 22, 2015 and July 23, 2015 Texas Police Release Dash Cam Video of Sandra Bland’s Arrest and Sandra Bland Autopsy Details Cause ... Read Story »
The Dallas Morning News Covers Rogge Dunn and Wrongful Arrest Case
July 30, 2015
Driver sues Dallas officers over 2013 DWI arrest Published July 17, 2015 “This could happen to anybody, and it’s very important the ... Read Story »
Gruber Hurst Partner Mark Shank Quoted in Law360 on DOL Misclassification Case
July 30, 2015
Attorneys React To DOL Misclassification Guidance Published July 15, 2015 “In its new guidance on what constitutes an independent contractor, ... Read Story »
Gardere Wynne Sewell’s Carrie Hoffman Discusses improved accommodations for pregnant workers with Phil Hulett and Friends
July 21, 2015
America the Good and the Bad Broadcast July 16, 2015 “When you are talking about employees in manufacturing and blue collar jobs, the issue of ... Read Story »
ONDA’s Brad LaMorgese Discusses Prenups – and the likelihood celebrity couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck had one – with Phil Hulett and Friends
July 21, 2015
Pluto, PreNups, and Heroin Broadcast July 14, 2015 “A lot of times these agreements are drafted where some money will trigger on a deadline so ... Read Story »
Insurance Attorney Amy Stewart Discusses Hack Attack Protection with The Dallas Morning News
July 15, 2015
Hack-attack insurance becomes a must Published July 15 “Getting coverage under traditional policies is becoming increasingly more difficult as ... Read Story »
Brad LaMorgese of Orsinger Nelson and R. Alan York of Godwin Lewis Quoted in Law360 on Implications of SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling
July 9, 2015
Attorneys Rally Around High Court's Gay Marriage Decision Published June 26 “Today, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in the ... Read Story »
Hicks Thomas Attorney Eric Grant Quoted in Law360 Story About SCOTUS ACA Ruling
July 9, 2015
Controversial ACA Ruling Bolsters Texas Insured, Backers Say Published June 25 "The court rules that those words mean what the Affordable Care ... Read Story »
Dallas Business Journal Quotes John Teakell in Story Over Possible Airline Collusion
July 7, 2015
U.S. Department of Justice investigating possibility of airline collusion Published July 1 “A lot of times there might be a civil action where ... Read Story »
Nicole Knox Quoted in The Dallas Morning News About John Wiley Price Case
July 7, 2015
John Wiley Price associates’ plea deals a game changer in corruption case Published July 6 If the defense is unable to convince the jury that ... Read Story »
Patent Royalty Case draws comments from Jamil Alibhai of Munck Wilson Mandala
June 30, 2015
Attorneys React To Supreme Court Patent Royalties Case Published June 22 “Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment rests more on stare decisis than ... Read Story »
Law360 Quotes George Brothers Partner Mark Kincaid in Flood Insurance Article
June 30, 2015
4 Kinds Of Insurance Rows To Watch As Texas Floods Subside Published June 23 “Homeowners should consider the cause of flooding, as well. If a ... Read Story »
Gardere Attorney Randy Gordon Contributes to Houston Chronicle Article Over Sysco Merger Decision
June 30, 2015
Federal judge rules against Sysco merger with US Foods Published June 23 It's not uncommon for companies to give up a merger at this stage, said ... Read Story »
San Antonio Express-News Interviews Insurance Coverage Lawyer Amy Stewart on Cyber Insurance
June 9, 2015
Data breach insurance can be tricky Published May 22 No standardized policy has materialized yet, though. The coverage levels and terms therefore ... Read Story »
Audrey Mross from Munck Wilson Mandala Reacts to U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Against Abercrombie & Fitch
June 9, 2015
Attorneys React to High Court’s EEOC v. Abercrombie Ruling Published June 1 ‘Employers are on notice that they cannot avoid reasonable ... Read Story »
Gruber Hurst Elrod Johansen Hail Shank partner Michael Lang in The Dallas Morning News on Firm’s U.S. Supreme Court Win
June 9, 2015
Supreme Court extends authority of bankruptcy judges Published May 27 Michael Lang, a partner at Gruber Hurst Elrod Johansen Hail Shank in Dallas, ... Read Story »
Law360 Quotes Don Puckett of Skiermont Puckett LLP and Matt Anderson of Munck Wilson Mandala on the Supreme Court’s Induced Infringement Ruling
June 8, 2015
Attorneys React to High Court’s Induced Infringement Ruling Published May 27 ‘In recent years, the Supreme Court has substantially ... Read Story »
Sayles Werbner’s Mark Werbner Quoted in The Wall Street Journal on his Patent Case Victory at U.S. Supreme Court
June 8, 2015
Supreme Court Rules Against Cisco in Patent Case Published May 26 ‘This decision restores the common-sense notion that patents approved by the ... Read Story »
Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett Partner Jeffrey Simon Discusses the Impact of H.B. 1492 on Asbestos Victims with Law360
May 13, 2015
Texas Bill Aims To Raise Bar On Asbestos Claims Published May 8 This bill gives asbestos manufacturers exactly what they want: delay,’ said ... Read Story »
ONDA Family Law’s Ryan Kirkham Published in Dallas Medical Journal
May 7, 2015
Medical Practice Valuation in the Event of Divorce in Texas Published May 2015 Another component to value is especially critical to medical practice: ... Read Story »
Houston Chronicle, KPRC Feature John Thomas of Trial Firm Hicks Thomas on Hotel Pool Electrocution Case
April 30, 2015
Family settles in pool electrocution lawsuit Published April 27 "They went through one of the most horrific experiences anybody can imagine," said ... Read Story »
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