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Media Relations

Success in media relations is not always measured by getting a client in the news.  At times, success comes when you can keep a client out of the news.  It may be patiently maneuvering among multiple opportunities to gain a placement with the proper exposure or highest value.  Regardless of the needs and circumstances, we have a record of working with our attorney clients – and in many cases, their clients – to achieve stated goals and meet strategic needs.  We’ve found many ways to develop and implement successful media relations programs.

Media Placement
We maintain positive relations with the news media who often call on our firm to help match their interview needs with an attorney’s expertise.   Because we understand the demands facing the news media as well as the expertise of our clients, we have placed hundred of attorneys in national, local and trade publications, as well as national and local broadcast media outlets.

News Releases
Whether announcing a resolution to a complex case or the hiring of a new attorney, a well-written and thorough release is often the foundation of generating news coverage.  In an era that is increasingly dominated by search engines and influential blogs, we know the right outlets, reporters and services that deliver client news most effectively. View the latest news releases.

Clients in the News
We consistently achieve media placement for our clients in a wide range of publications, online media and broadcast outlets. Click here to view video clips and articles about our clients.

Crisis Communications
Attorneys and their clients may be faced with potential or actual emergencies that can cause significant damage if not addressed from both a legal and media perspective.  Backed with solid experience and a wealth of resources, we help corporations anticipate and manage these difficult situations.

Media Training
Preparation is key to a successful experience with the news media.  Through instructive, individualized sessions, we help attorneys understand how the news media works, how to anticipate and properly manage a media interview and how to concisely respond to general and specific questions.  Our half-day media training sessions are videotaped by a professional photographer to provide clients with the “real” experience of being interviewed by the press.  These instructional sessions are followed by detailed critiques that help clients focus on their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses when reporters come calling.

Litigation Support
From preparing for media interest in a specific case to day-to-day assistance during a high-profile trial, we assist attorneys in managing the logistics and pressures of media scrutiny and requests for information. 

Legal publications as well as business and industry-specific trade media frequently need bylined commentaries and columns from attorneys on topical issues.  We closely monitor news cycles and editorial calendars for these opportunities and support our clients with research, writing and editing needs.