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Our Staff
Scott Holcomb
Phone: 214.559.4630
Fax: 214.559.0852
Cell: 214.934.5734

Scott Holcomb joined the firm in 1998 after working a number of years as an assignment editor and associate producer at Dallasí CBS affiliate, KTVT.  This behind-the-scenes experience brings an additional perspective in developing the logistics for news conferences, preparing clients for interviews and developing appealing stories for reporters, editors and producers.

Over the years Scott has developed an extensive background in online keyword advertising and search engine optimization techniques. With this expertise he regularly assists clients in developing and implementing strategies to help them gain regular and valuable exposure on the World Wide Web.

In addition to his support of the firmís clients Scott directs a number of other business and operational functions, assuring that other members of the team have ready access to the resources that enable them to effectively meet the needs of clients and the news media.

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