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Our staff is made up of highly experienced professionals in marketing, advertising and public relations. Our collective knowledge of the law, the news media, marketing, business and politics is integrated into everything we do for our clients.

Mike Androvett President / CEO
Crystal Androvett Creative Consultant
Mark Annick Vice President of News and Public Relations
James Bingham Content Marketing Strategist
Sharon Bridges Office Operations Coordinator
Bria Burk Digital Marketing Manager
Verdell Christophersen Creative Director of Advertising / Marketing
Mary Flood Legal Media Consultant
Kit Frieden Legal Media Consultant
Zack McKamie Director of Strategic Marketing
Scott Parks Chief Operating Officer
Barry Pound Media Relations / Crisis Communications
Pat Rafferty Director of Advertising / Marketing
Rhonda Reddick Media Relations / News Editor
Sophia Reza Legal Media Consultant
Jared Russell Marketing Coordinator
Robert Tharp Media Relations / Crisis Communications
Lea Ann Watson Office Operations Manager