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The "Legal 11" for 2011
Your need-to-know business development strategies in 2011.

By Androvett Legal Media & Marketing ©


1. Put your news online
News about your new partners, big case victories, and professional honors can live forever, but only if it's online.

2. Refresh your online bio & photo
Stale information has no place in your online bio Ė often a visitorís first stop on your law firmís website.

3. Have new partners?
Tell the world through effective use of news advisories and e-announcements.

4. Update your website copyright
More and more online "predators" are lifting website content from law firms. Your site should be protected.

5. Identify your SEO keywords
Knowing the words potential clients use in online searches is the first step in utilizing the Internet to build your practice.

6. Stay ahead of your docket
Big trial(s) scheduled for 2011? Stay ahead by getting your media plan in place well before jury selection.

7. Socialize yourself
Social media is not a fad that will disappear. Decide to engage social media ethically and effectively.

8. Master your contact list
Most new legal work comes from existing clients. Organizing your contact list and reaching out to clients are a must.

9. Revisit your firm brochure
Law firms evolve and change. Does your brochure reflect the firm in 2011 or in 2005?

10. Size up your competition
Competitively, know where you stand. Are you staying ahead or losing ground?

11. Identify 2011 goals
Commit the goals to writing. When relevant and necessary, get expert help to achieve your goals and objectives.