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Marketing Checklist for 2017

By Barry Pound and Jared Russell ©Androvett Legal Media & Marketing

1. Identify Goals

Everything begins with identifying the goals for your practice and aligning the correct strategies and tactics to get you there. Your success depends heavily on putting those goals in writing and connecting them to an achievable plan of action.

2. Get Social

Social media has become an integral part of today's society, with millions of people engaging with friends and colleagues, getting up-to-date news and information, and promoting themselves and their business every day through online resources. The legal industry is no exception, as the number of individual attorneys who tweet, blog, and maintain multiple online accounts is increasing each year. By tailoring your message to your specific audiences, experience and interests, and following a few simple guidelines, you can effectively use targeted social media platforms to market your practice. You can learn more by reading our white paper here.

3. Become a Thought Leader

The internet has democratized the way we receive and deliver information in exciting ways, creating valuable opportunities to reach audiences directly with original and useful content. While it's easy to start a content marketing operation, these channels are heavily saturated and lawyers and law firms are discovering a new paradigm: Doing it well and rising above the noise while finding an audience is a constant challenge. If you're interested in learning more, read Rise Above the Noise: Become A Thought Leader.

4. Celebrate Your Successes

In an era of media saturation, it's increasingly difficult for attorneys to let their good works speak for themselves – a little promotion is often required. Doing so can be tasteful and respectful, while still garnering attention among your most important audiences and referral sources. Our video and downloadable white paper offers seven ways to publicize and promote your verdicts, awards and recognitions.

5. Go Mobile

How does your website look on a mobile device? How many times have you checked email or viewed a webpage from your phone in the past month alone? We are all witnesses to the smartphone and tablet revolution. The web is accessible at all times and having a parallel version of your site optimized for mobile viewing through responsive design isn't a maybe, it's a must. For more website improvement ideas, read 7 Tips for a Better Website.

6. Bring Your Brand to Life

Often, firms will fall short of developing a cohesive brand strategy, and therefore miss out on the business opportunities that a solid identity in the legal market can generate. More than a logo or tagline, your brand reflects how you and your colleagues talk about the firm; the vision you share and the distinctions you see for prospective clients; what your peers, clients and competitors are saying; and how your marketing materials support your brand strategy. See some examples of how we've helped other law firms here.

7. Create Content

Content marketing is all about creating valuable and relevant content to engage members of your target audience and, ultimately, drive them to action. Importantly, the content you create and share should be closely related to your area of expertise and tailored to what your audience wants and needs. Read more about the many types of content marketing here.

8. Keep an Open Mind

When we opened our doors 20 years ago, legal marketing primarily consisted of printed brochures, ads in the Yellow Pages and tombstone ads in a handful of newspapers that served the legal community. Today, legal marketing is more targeted, integrated and content-focused, and the playing field has been leveled for smaller and mid-size firms that were effectively shut out of the old model. Review our seven key observations and Lessons from 20 Years of Legal Marketing.


Click here to download a printable PDF copy of "Marketing Checklist for 2017."