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by Robert Tharp at 4:59:43 pm

New Media Perils: Loose Tweets can sink deals, attract SEC scrutiny
Web 2.0 has created a loosey-goosey world out there for corporate communications. Twitter, blogs, instant messaging and other up-and-coming mediums create plenty to worry about from a corporate communications standpoint, says Chris Schaeper of Houston's Thompson & Knight. As corporate America and employees embrace these new mediums for marketing and networking, Schaeper says that executives can't afford to forget that all corporate communications are ultimately subject to SEC regulations. "Communicating too freely can cause headaches for public companies, and securities laws exist to assure that corporate information is distributed evenly and fairly," he says. The SEC has barely caught up to e-mail communications, much less chat rooms and message boards. As a result, Schaeper recommends a periodic review of communications policies. "The Tweeting rage has added a fresh reason to do so - and sooner rather than later." To interview Mr. Schaeper, contact Barry Pound at 800-559-4534 or