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by Kassi Schmitt at 11:14:26 am

Trying to catch the eye of in-house counsel? Social media is becoming hard to ignore


Now, more than ever, buyers of legal services are influenced by social media tools. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Wikipedia are playing important roles in the everyday lives of law firms and the way that information is shared by members of the legal community. And here’s more proof…

Greentarget Strategic Communications, ALM Legal Intelligence and Zeughauser Group conducted a survey of 164 in-house counsel to analyze new media adoption among buyers of legal services.  Some interesting results from the Corporate Counsel New Media Engagement Survey include:

  •  Nearly 70 percent of respondents aged 30 to 39 expect their consumption of business and legal industry news through social media platforms to increase within the next six months.

  •  43 percent of in-house counsel identified blogs as among their leading sources of news and information.

  • 50 percent of in-house counsel see a future in which a high-profile blog will influence a client’s decision to hire a law firm.

  • In-house counsel usage of the big three new media platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter- is growing for both professional and personal reasons.

  • 51 percent of in-house counsel said they would receive content from their law firms via new media platforms provided the content is relevant to their businesses.

At Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, we have expertise regarding the benefits law firms could obtain through the professional use of social media.  For more information and to visit our white paper regarding this topic, click here.