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by Robert Tharp at 10:30:02 am

Fatal train crash aftermath: Cel phones now off limits for California train engineers

Transportation attorney Mike Richardson of Dallas law firm Rose•Walker says other industries likely to follow.
It didn't take long for California safety regulators to ban cell phone usage by on-duty engineers following a deadly train collision in which one of the engineers was

reportedly text messaging at the time of the wreck. Twenty-five people, including engineer Robert Sanchez, died in Los Angeles-area crash. Attorney Mike Richardson of Dallas' Rose•Walker says others in the transportation sector may follow California's lead. Cell phone use played a part in a case Richardson won on behalf of a trucking company. "One of the things we saw was that the driver of the car that hit our truck was using her cell phone around the time of the accident," Richardson says. "I think companies would be wise to make the California cell phone ban company policy." To interview Mr. Richardson about cell phone usage in the transportation industry, please contact Mark Annick at 800-559-4534 or