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by Robert Tharp at 4:30:44 pm

Chicago trial will hash out dispute over profits from "The Secret" book and movie franchise
Until now, the drama behind "The Secret" has been relegated to the wildly successful movie and book franchise. While the works intriguingly explore the "Law of
Attraction," the story's director and co-writer is heading to a Chicago courtroom to prove that the law entitles him to fair compensation for his contributions to the work. The stage is now set for a May 11 trial in a Chicago courtroom involving The Secret's director and co-writer, Drew Heriot.

Originally released in March of 2006 for DVD and online sales, "The Secret" uses a documentary format of interviews and dramatized sequences to present what is called the "Law of Attraction." Embraced by many self-help experts and the subject of extensive media coverage, the film teaches that thoughts and feelings attract real events into individuals' lives, creating a basis for a higher sense of personal and spiritual fulfillment.

Attorneys Mark Werbner and Darren Nicholson from Dallas' Sayles Werbner represent Mr. Heriot. "We know 'The Secret' would never have existed if not for Mr. Heriot's contributions," says Mr. Werbner. "His ownership rights in the creation of these materials should be upheld."   To interview Mr. Werbner about the case, contact Bruce Vincent at 800-559-4534 or