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by Dave Moore at 10:58:17 am

Top 10 Legal News Stories of 2011 for South, North Texas

Whether it’s best movies, worst fashion trends or stock market winners and losers, this time of year is loaded with Top 10 lists.  With so many former journalists in our ranks here at Androvett Legal Media & Marketing, it only makes sense that we’d throw out our own roundup of the year’s top legal moments.

On the Houston and south Texas legal landscape, the big news included a contentious fight over Houston red-light cameras, allegations of district attorney misconduct in Harris County, a money laundering conviction for one of Texas’ highest profile politicians, and the confirmation of a new U.S. attorney. To see our resulting list for south Texas, click here

High-profile bankruptcies dominated the North Texas Top 10 list, including filings for American Airlines, Blockbuster and the Dallas Stars. Others standout cases include the politically charged corruption investigation of a longtime Dallas elected official and a multimillion-dollar verdict against one of North Texas’ top private school.

It seems like it would be hard for 2012 to match last year’s intense legal landscape, but Texas never seems to fall short of courthouse intrigue.