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by Robert Tharp at 10:53:20 am

Location scouts for "Karma Police" were searching for the quintessential big-city law office for filming when they approached attorney STEVEN H. STODGHILL, widely known for the ecclectic collection of art and memorabilia he maintains in his downtown office. By the time the discussions wrapped up, Steve had negotiated his way into a speaking part in the movie, his name in the closing credits and even got to name his character, Buddy Love, in honor of his all-time favorites, Jerry Lewis's character in "The Nutty Professor." This marks Steve's second role in a feature film. In the 2006 movie, "The Wendell Baker Story," starring Luke and Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes, Steve played the part of a lawyer, Otto Brinker. In real life, Steve embraces the role of a successful attorney. He is a principal in the Dallas office of Fish & Richardson P.C., where he represents companies and individuals in a variety of complex commercial litigation and intellectual property matters.