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by Robert Tharp at 2:42:18 pm

Computers, BlackBerries, the Internet and other fun high-tech toys were supposed to make it easier and more efficient for employees to get the job done, right? But AUDREY MROSS, who heads the labor and employment practice at Dallas' Munck Butrus Carter, P.C., reports what most of us already know to be true. Those same `productivity enhancers' have made it much easier for people to waste time surfing the Web, sending instant-messages to friends and doing other things on the job that don't contribute to the bottom line. "There even are virtual bubble wrap sites where people can go and pop bubbles online," says Mross, who recently spoke about the issue at a Texas Association of Business gathering on worker productivity, litigation and individual privacy. 

by Robert Tharp at 3:50:56 pm

Time was, big law firms viewed their long unwieldy firm names with pride, as if an oral exercise in tongue-twisting illiteration was somehow a measure of quality and professionalism.

Maybe it’s the internet age and information overload, but it appears to be a bona fide trend that law firm names are shrinking. Commas and ampersands are also disappearing. In some cases it's a conscious marketing decision, and sometimes long firm names just shrink in an organic process that starts when clients and colleagues develop an abbreviated street name that eventually sticks.  Think about Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, which is now just Mayer Brown.  Or Winstead Sechrest & Minick, now simply Winstead.

by Robert Tharp at 4:42:54 pm

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is threatening to shut the spigot on oil exports to the U.S.  after ExxonMobil succeeded in freezing billions in Venezuelan assets as compensation for nationalizing enormous oil fields operated by ExxonMobile. DALLAS PARKER of Thompson & Knight, an energy attorney who closely follows South American energy markets, doubts that Chavez can afford to implement his threat, at least in the near future. "U.S. oil exports represents about three-quarters of Venezuela's total export earnings, which I don't think the Venezuelan economy could stand to lose in the short-term," says Parker. "Venezuela's economy is heavily dependent on imports, especially food. The reduction in oil-based income would have immediate, serious implications for the Venezuelan economy and people." To interview Mr. Parker, contact Barry Pound at 800-559-4534 or  

by Robert Tharp at 10:00:26 am

Dallas was already booming when Andrews Kurth moved to town in 1982. As it celebrates its silver anniversary in North Texas, consider just a few of the projects that the firm has facilitated: the expansion of Northpark Center, defending the Wright Amendment compromise for DFW Airport and now-bustling development projects for the West Village, The Galleria and One Main Place. And especially timely right now, think about where the NCAA would be without the term, "March Madness." AK attorneys successfully defended the trademarked term against a cybersquatter's claims that it was part of the public domain.

by Robert Tharp at 11:27:08 am

For lenders considering foreclosure, the temptation to avoid the associated legal fees must be great. But just because Texas law allows lenders to foreclose on properties without any judicial involvement doesn't mean it's a good idea. THAD ARMSTRONG of Thompson & Knight advises caution for anyone thinking about going down the foreclosure path without legal counsel. "If the lender has not precisely followed the letter of the foreclosure law, a borrower with a basically competent lawyer could challenge the sale and get it set aside in court," says Armstrong. "Despite Texas' straightforward foreclosure laws, courts are reluctant to strip borrowers of their rights to own property in light of an irregular sale." To interview Mr. Armstrong about foreclosure laws in Texas, contact Bruce Vincent at 800-559-4534 or