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by Amy Hunt at 5:08:00 pm

The Deadly Impact of Inattentive Truck Drivers

Distracted drivers of all kinds are a road hazard, but inattentive truck drivers are particularly deadly because of the size and speed of their rigs. According to the latest blog post by truck accident lawyer Frank L. Branson of Dallasí Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, a recent collision in upstate New York was caused by a truck driver who failed to see prominent signs warning of road construction.
Six people died in the accident that police say was caused when truck driver James Mills Jr. slammed into a line of cars in northern New York. Among the victims were an elementary school speech therapist and her two teenage daughters, as well as the womanís 69-year-old mother-in-law.
According to a report in the Plattsburg, NY, Press-Republican, Mr. Millsí 18-wheeler was headed south on a slightly downhill stretch of highway when he slammed into an SUV, setting off a chain reaction. An investigator told reporters that the construction project was visible and that the signage was sufficient to alert drivers.
According to the news report:
The tractor-trailer is owned by MBM Customized Foodservice Distribution, based in Rocky Mount, N.C. A spokesman for the company didn't immediately return a call seeking comment Friday afternoon.
Trucks operated by the company have been involved in 75 accidents over the past two years, including one crash that killed one person and 23 crashes that resulted in at least one injury, according to data compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.