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by Dave Moore at 12:00:00 am

Trial Lawyer Bill Chamblee: Organizations Can Learn From Boy Scouts Allegations

The Boy Scouts of America is reeling in response to a court order to release a trove of closely guarded internal files documenting the group’s poor record of protecting young boys and adolescents from sexual abuse. Dallas trial lawyer Bill Chamblee says the experience of the BSA offers valuable lessons for organizations of any kind.

An Oregon court recently ordered the non-profit Boy Scouts organization to open its so-called “perversion files,” which detail sexual abuse at the hands of troop leaders and other adults affiliated with the organization dating back to 1965.

Based on preliminary analysis of these so-called “perversion files,” the Scouts in failed in many cases to report the allegations to police in an apparent effort to protect the Boy Scouts’ public reputation.

Writes the Los Angeles Times’ Carla Hall:
That pattern sounds horribly familiar. As with the sexual-abuse cases that rocked the Roman Catholic Church and the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State, here is another situation in which authorities, entrusted to care for young people, failed to deal properly with molesters in their institution, which led to more children and youths being victimized.

Adds Chamblee of Dallas-based Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson: "Any organization, especially those that deal with the mentoring or supervising of children, needs to conduct thorough background checks on individuals before putting them in positions of trust. If there are reports of abuse, organizations must act swiftly, not just to protect themselves, but also to prevent further abuse. As we've learned from the Catholic Church, any attempt to hide wrongdoing can make an organization a party to abuse."