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by Robert Tharp at 1:32:00 pm

Energy Boom Brings Deadly Truck Crashes to South Texas

The billions of barrels of oil sitting in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas have generated a boom in oil and natural gas production and provided much-needed jobs and economic growth in those areas with underground energy reserves. But the most recent blog posting by the Law Offices of Frank Branson shows that this new and welcome prosperity comes with a tragic downside: a dramatic increase in deadly truck crashes.

According to an analysis by the San Antonio Express-News:

Since the beginning of the boom, accidents involving commercial vehicles [in McMullen county] have increased more than tenfold, from four crashes in 2008 to 46 crashes in 2011, according to crash data compiled by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Neighboring La Salle County has had a 418 percent increase in that type of crash since 2008. . . .

The most frequently cited causes for McMullen County accidents were truck drivers ignoring signs in construction zones and defective headlights, according to the TxDOT data.

According to the Branson firm’s blog, not only do truck crashes cause fatalities, “but they also wreak havoc on nearby residents and make routine errands almost unbearable,” in addition to causing extensive damage to area roads.