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by Robert Tharp at 2:03:25 pm

With Digital Wallets: Pickpockets on Lookout for Lazy Password Habits

Thanks to the impending marriage of the smartphone and bank account, there’s a very good chance that one day very soon all of us will be walking around with digital wallets.

Before that happens, mobile phone users will have to get over the fear that combining phones and payment cards creates new and lucrative avenues for hackers and data thieves. In a guest commentary published by the Dallas Morning News, data security expert Erin Nealy Cox writes: “There’s something inherently terrifying about the prospect of transforming a smartphone into a digital wallet — just ask anyone who’s left an iPhone in a cab or any parent who’s discovered that children are capable of making purchases within an app.”

While new data security threats will no doubt emerge with phones using Near Field Communication, Nealy Cox, executive managing director at international data security firm Stroz Friedberg, advises that there’s a real opportunity for all of us to rethink the way we interface with our devices, our social media platforms and all of the Internet accounts and logons that come with life in the digital age.

"Will the marriage of payment card and mobile phone make us even more vulnerable to cyber thieves and offer a new avenue for our personal information to wind up in the hands of global crime syndicates? Perhaps yes, but I prefer to look at this as an opportunity for all of us to clean house and fix what is too often the weakest link when it comes to cyber security — our own lazy online habits."

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